The WCL PFA Parent Academy and SEPAC Present:

How to address anxiety and COVID related mental

health issues in your child

January 26, 2022, at 7:00 pm via zoom

Learn how to help your kids (and yourselves) increase
resiliency and manage daily anxiety and stress
through science proven coping strategies.

Please register to get the zoom link:

Founder of the Start Institute and Keynote Speaker Ozzy Sanchez
LCSW , will teach us how to achieve our goals by changing our
perception and daily habits to create the person that we want to be.
He believes in appreciating yourself the way you are right now and
making small changes consistently to get you to a better you.
Life is a journey of self-improvement, constant learning and being
conscious and aware of the things you are doing wrong, the things
you are doing great and the things that you could do better.

Questions? Please reach out to Jen Charnow